Digitisation has given us the ability to fund, record, market, disseminate and sell our self produced music via social networks in a manner that simply wasn’t possible in the 20th century. Yes, you may have to initially give your music away to rustle up a crowd, but who among us didn’t start out doing gigs for free in order to build an audience?

Streaming Debate: Billy Bragg’s Response To Byrne’s ‘How Will The Wolf Survive…’ — MusicTank (via bijan)

She loved him. She was helpless before the whole emotional project of him. But it didn’t preclude hating him and everything around him, which included herself, the sound of her own voice—and the sound of his, which was worse. The portraits of hell never ceased and sometimes were done up in raucous, gilded frames to console. Romantic hope: From where did women get it? Certainly not from men, who were walking caveat emptors.

"Wings," from Lorrie Moore’s new Bark, which I only now notice has kept my jaw clenched for the good part of an hour.

Was just introduced to the other other Drake, Nick Drake’s mother Molly.

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Hej Stockholm

Hej Stockholm

Jason Collins to the Nets is a big deal. Don’t let anyone pooh-pooh its big deal-ness. Also: Since when have we become so calm and restrained about what we consider huge news? This country thinks it’s a big deal we can binge-watch an entire season of “House of Cards” over the weekend. […] I’m perfectly OK—thrilled—with the idea of the first openly gay person in the history of major U.S. professional sports being categorized as a big deal.

Jason Gay: Jason Collins, the Nets and the ‘Who Cares’ Crowd - WSJ.com

Even after 60 years of making art, though, [Jasper] Johns is still not entirely at ease with his practice. “I laboured over these a lot,” he says of “Regrets”. “Somehow what you end up with seems to be something you should have known was there to begin with, even though you had to work so hard to find it.”

That being an artist is still so arduous perplexes him. “I worry about the difficulty of making things, or the difficulty of knowing what to do,” he admits. “I may think, having been working at this all these years, why don’t I find it easy? Since it’s a relatively simple activity.”

Jasper Johns: ‘Regrets belong to everybody, don’t they?’ - FT.com

There is increasing concern that most current published research findings are false. […] Simulations show that for most study designs and settings, it is more likely for a research claim to be false than true. Moreover, for many current scientific fields, claimed research findings may often be simply accurate measures of the prevailing bias.

PLOS Medicine: Why Most Published Research Findings Are False (2005)

The only awards show that matters.

The only awards show that matters.